I am

Hello, my name is Tommy J. Melvin.
Hereby I invite you to visit my site where I share my experience in buying medicines on different online pharmacies.

Why I started this site

I started as a layman and faced problems of choosing right medicine at lower price. Not all sites I visited contained enough information about the products listed. Finally it made me think of performing review of various online drugstores. I compared prices, availably of both generic and original medications, shipment options and other features.
Now I have a rating list of online pharmacies which is constantly growing, where one can find almost all the necessary information.


Main idea of performing such reviews is to share my own experience, provide other users with truthful and reliable information about purchasing medications online. It is not a secret that there are a lot of risks and underlying potential problems emerging while doing this and I want people to stay safe buying medicines online. Along with my own experience I collect experience of other users, which helps to perform deeper assessment and analysis. Also it is very important to know that buying medications online is quite risky and when it comes to buying generics online it gets even more so.
I perform reviews upon request of my subscribers in order to provide them with my comments and opinion.
I strongly believe that such activity will make the owners of sites, who are really interested in medicine online trading, improve their services. Those who do not care of their image will be pushed out of the market gradually.

So the very fact that you are visiting my site means that you are in search of correct medicine at an optimal price. I offer you to see the list to of the verified online vendors and find a suitable apothecary, which will meet all your needs. It is very convenient as you will find information also regarding many generic medications which can be considered of good quality, cost-effective and safe. Additionally there is information of different discounts offered by some online vendors.

Contact me and share your experience

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me as my main goal is to help you to avoid meeting dishonest traders.